Teachers please complete the following before leaving for the summer:
  • Equipment: Is all equipment turned off and unplugged in unoccupied rooms?
  • Computers: Are computers turned off in unoccupied rooms and unplugged?
  • Window coverings: Are the blinds closed in unoccupied rooms?
  • Computer Lab : If unused in the summer, what is the status of the supplemental system (is it turned off – or set point adjusted to 85 degrees?)
  • Home economics spaces: Are kitchen appliances turned off and unplugged?
  • EC classrooms: Are appliances cleaned and turned off?
  • Textbooks and materials: – Are all textbooks and materials properly stored (in bookcases or plastic bins)? (Cardboard should be minimized.)
  • Personal items and contents: Have all items been removed to allow for speedy custodial cleaning during the summer?
  • Plants and animals: Have all plants and animals been removed from classrooms (except in designated areas) and taken home?
  • Miscellaneous: Specify rooms and systems turned off